about Quanta

Quanta is a self-service tool for measuring organization productivity (Op).
It helps visualize & synthesize high impact people analytics.


Demographic Diversity

What makes you

An analysis of the workforce – whether you are young or old? Men or women? Rookies or pros? Too few or too many?


Structure Efficiency

How you organize

An analysis of the org structure – Pockets of high/ low headcount. How does your pyramid look? Degree of managerial guidance & supervisory utilization.


Wage Productivity

Who you reward

An analysis of the wage bill – Do you pay equitably & for performance? Is your wage bill aligned with business performance?

Quanta gives instant ROI at double-digit multiples

The Quanta Impact


Avg Wage bill optimized


Avg Headcount re-energized



0Tf(t)dt = ∞

f(t) = Customers delighted


Discover Quanta

Quanta provides visualization & analysis of critical organization, wage bill & demographic metrics.
It offers a simple self-service flow, data cleansing functionalities, real-time reports and engaging dashboards.


  • • Visualization of critical people metrics
  • • Grade & Department level analysis of :
    •   - Structure efficiency metrics like pyramid & managerial span of control
    •   - Wage bill spread & performance linkage
    •   - Headcount, age, tenure & gender diversity
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Quanta Basic +

  • Analytics on cross-tabulated metrics. E.g. Gender spread vs. Compensation, Top earners & their performance, Bottom performance & their earnings, etc.
  • Insights on productivity based on analytics & benchmarks
See Sample Report

  • Bots that pull HRIS data and clean it
  • ML based predictive modelling
  • Built-in Inqubex advisory services
Coming Soon..

Key Features

Ease of Use
You can upload your payroll data in a prescribed excel format, play a game while the data gets cleaned and see the analytics dashboard. Watch the DIY video.
Data Security
The data sits in the cloud and is absolutely secure in alignment with best data security practices
Information Privacy
The information needed to see the analytics excludes any personally identifiable Information PII  (like name, title etc.)